(deev-lya; Balkan-Slavic for "wild")
Brooklyn-Based/Handmade/Whole Body Care.


Healing Blends

Homegrown/made herbal extract blends, loose-leaf teas, superfood blends and more to help balance your hormones and keep you healthy!



Skin Care

No matter what your skin type, you deserve to glow;chemical-free & wallet-friendly.


Hair Care 

Customized, natural products to help manage your hair according to type, and grow it to health and happiness!



Body Products

Bug spray, deodorant, anti-fungal creams, and so muchmore, tested on real people for true efficacy, with no chemicals.



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Free Consultation

All products I offer come customized to your body type, lifestyle, and needs. I have general offerings, but my products are best when you tell me a little about yourself.